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Hilton Health – setting trends in health and property advertorial

RECENT medical developments have changed the face of health and real estate in Hilton and are set to continue to change substantially in the next three to six years, with much of the development focused in the Hilton Gardens and the Hilton College Road district. Once considered a lower valued area, it is currently attracting higher selling prices due to its close proximity to the Life Hilton Private Hospital and Hilton Health Medical block

Medical developments

Life Healthcare Group opened the doors to its newest hospital to date – Life Hilton Private Hospital in Hilton. The 94 bed multidisciplinary hospital will enhance Life Healthcare’s patient-care offering in the greater area with five operating theatres and over 40 associated resident specialists.

Hospital facilities include five theatres, intensive and high care unit, neonatal ICU, maternity and paediatric unit, renal dialysis and a hi-tech Oncology unit (to be opened mid-2016).

Hilton Health, partnering in health, is a medical block offering supporting services to the Life Hilton Private Hospital. It is set for practical completion on 18 December. Hilton Health’s goal is to redefine health care to become patient orientated, integrating services of multi-disciplines, maximising the use of resources, skills and facilities.

Demographically, location and demand determines Hilton to be the preferred area for these Medical Developments. Quick access off the highway, coupled with the shortage of beds at the major hospitals in Pietermaritzburg, the need and demand was identified. For A Grade Medical-Commercial lettable area at Hilton Health, contact Brigid on 079 493 9864,

Investment in Hilton Real Estate

The lifestyle offered within Hilton has been advantageous, encouraging alternative and specialised practitioners willing to relocate to KwaZulu-Natal. With the best private schools in the country situated within five kilometres to 25km from Hilton, the temperate climate; opportunities and the country living offered, Hilton is fast becoming one of the most exciting commercial and residential development nodes in the province.

Price and sale trends

Hilton is experiencing an unparalleled level of economic development and investment, as well as a thriving new residential and entertainment lifestyle element that simply just wasn’t here a few years ago.

Planned projects of large retail shopping centres, light industrial and commercia approved developments, and further medical developments, the demand for residential property is growing in demand, challenging developers, investors and local town planning authorities to meet the needs of a growing workforce and population. This valuable market segment cannot be ignored.

City price and sale trends, taken from Property 24 website, illustrate the market activity and spike already experienced, aligning with the onset of the medical developments construction phase.

Median Property Prices show a rise from R950k in 2010 to R1.3m in 2015. Sold properties have risen from 100 houses sold in 2000 to almost 200 homes sold in 2014. – Brigid Scheuer, Infoprop Real Estate, BLS Agencies, sales and marketing, Hilton Health.