Hilton Health is your partner in healthcare. Under one roof, you can find the solution to all your health and wellness needs. Hilton Health is a dynamic and convenient health centre – housing a wide spectrum of high-quality primary healthcare and health-related services. We are proud to offer the KZN Midlands a holistic, multi-disciplinary medical hub.
Hilton Health shares an entrance with Life Hilton Private Hospital, which is the flagship hospital for the Life Healthcare Group. Although the hospital and the medical hub are independent of each other, the relationship between the two developments is symbiotic. Each entity supports each other, working together to form an integrated approach to medical care. This leads to much improved patient care and a quick turnaround.
Careful consideration has been given to each investor and tenant, ensuring we have a balanced integration of disciplines and services, thereby guaranteeing the success of Hilton Health as a leader in integrated healthcare centres.